Commons Data: connecting to the data folder

You can connect to the Learning Commons data share from any Academic Workstation in the library system or from any campus IP address.

From within ArcCatalog, you should see the share \\\share\GISData appear:

Arc screen shot for sharing

If not, select the 'connect to folder' button from the toolbar:

Connect to \\\share\GISData

and enter the path exactly as it is shown: \\\share\GISData

Once connected to the libfiles location, click on the 'UO GIS Collection' folder and select the 'US_States' folder (if you are searching for US data, otherwise click on 'Other_Countries'). 

For Oregon data, double click the 'Oregon' folder and follow the hierarchy related to your search request.

You should now be able to use the Libraries' GIS data from any library workstation with ArcMap installed.