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Newly Renovated Knight Library West Wing Offers Improved Spaces, More Resources

The University of Oregon Libraries is pleased to unveil the latest library space to be transformed through renovation and revisioning. The materials and public spaces in Knight Library's West Wing have been consolidated and rearranged to create a more effective use of space.

The entire area of the West Wing has been redesigned and renovated with new furnishings and carpets, creating a comfortable, flexible, and multipurpose space. The number of seats has increased and the area has been transformed to take advantage of the natural window light. Twenty-four new workstations are available, and a mediascape area for small group presentations was created.  The Map area has a more user-friendly layout and feel.

Adriene Lim, Dean of Libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair, held an informal ribbon-cutting ceremony for the library staff on Friday, January 13.

"I'm sure all will agree the new space is beautiful," Lim said. "It is thanks to the work of the West Wing Redesign Task Force and many other library and campus partners . . . Sincere appreciation to you all for showing what a true collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence can accomplish for our library users."

Katy Lenn, head of Research and Instructional Services with UO Libraries, was leader of the task force. "Everyone involved in the project is thrilled with the outcome – a bright, vibrant research space," she said. "This project was right in line with the library's strategic plan. One of our stated goals is to 'create and maintain experiential, flexible, and inspirational environments for users of the Libraries' physical spaces.' I certainly think this space qualifies.”

The West Wing renovation was made possible by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Also debuting in Knight Library for winter term: In partnership with The Duck Store, a new vending machine is stocked with school supplies, office supplies, and personal-need items. Library users’ input was a vital factor in selecting the items on offer.

Said Lim, "Our hope is that students will want for nothing when they come to the Knight Library, not even a test form, a flash drive, or a couple of aspirins!"

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