University Archives Acces and Use Procedures

Permanent University historical records are available for research, subject to state and federal laws (e.g. FERPA and HIPAA). Unrestricted access is provided to university records not exempt from disclosure under the Oregon Public Records Act (ORS 192.001 et seq.). Access to paper records will be granted after a review of the records to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Please follow process below for requesting access.

Published electronic archival records are available in the Libraries’ Scholars’ Bank Repository. Other electronic archival records also under compliance review and processing may be temporarily unavailable. For access to electronic records not yet published or processed, please place requests through the UO Office of Public Records

*Non-permanent records are not added to the University Archives.  Requests for access to these types of records may be made through the UO Public Records Office

If you have questions about accessing University Archive records, contact Jennifer O’Neal, Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist. If you have questions about the policies related to availability of University Archive records, please contact David de Lorenzo, Guistina Director, Special Collections and University Archives.

University Archives Review Request Process

To ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and UO policies, University Archive collections are reviewed before being released for research. Therefore, requests for access for un-reviewed University Archives collections must be submitted in writing (via email) and must include the following information:

  1. Collection Name and Number
  2. If inventory is available, identify specific boxes
  3. Date Range
  4. Subject Matter
  5. Any other pertinent information regarding the request

Once the request is received it will be reviewed to determine the time required for review, as well as any fees that may need to be assessed. Please note that depending on the size and scope of the inquiry, it may take up to 2-4 weeks to complete review of archive material responsive to the request. If the request is complex and exceeds the norm (a review that takes longer than 30 minutes) a fee may be charged. Complex requests may require consultation with a curator who will contact you after your request is submitted. If relevant records can be located, staff will review them to identify and separate out documents that are exempt from disclosure from non-exempt documents. After review is completed, the researcher will be notified that records are ready for research and will then be granted access to the non-exempt records. Requests for access to permanent exempt records, should be submitted through the UO Public Records Office.