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All available University Archive finding aids can be found in the Archives West database (browse list) and listed below. Collections listed below without a link do not yet have a finding aid available and you will need to contact us directly for further information. See also, frequently used University Archives Reference Collections.

For access and use of collections, researchers should first review the University Archives access and use request procedures. Collections can then be researched at the Special Collections and University Archives Paulson Reading Room at the Knight Library; location and hours can be found here. Please contact us ahead of your visit, as it could take up to 72 hours to retrieve University Archives materials.

Coll. # 

Collection Title

UA 001.001

Office of the President: John Wesley Johnson Records, 1876-1893

UA 001.002

Office of the President: Charles Hiram Chapman Records, 1893-1899

UA 001.003

Office of the President: Frank Strong Records, 1899-1902

UA 001.004

Office of the President: Prince Lucien Campbell Records, 1902-1925

UA 001.005

Office of the President: Arnold Bennett Hall Records, 1926-1932

UA 001.005

Office of the President: Clarence Valentine Boyer Records, 1932-1938

UA 001.007

Office of the President: Donald Milton Erb Records, 1938-1943

UA 001.008

Office of the President: Orlando John Hollis and Harry K. Newburn Records, 1944-1953

UA 001.009

Office of the President: Victor Pierpont Morris (acting) and O. Meredith Wilson Records, 1953-1960

UA 001.010

Office of the President: William C. Jones and Arthur S. Flemming Records, 1960-1968

UA 001.011

Office of the President: Charles Ellicott Johnson and N. Ray Hawk Records, 1968-1969

UA 001.012 

Office of the President: Robert D. Clark Records, 1969-1975

UA 001.013 

Office of the President: William Beaty Boyd Records, 1976-1980

UA 001.014 

Office of the President: Paul Olum Records, 1978-1991

UA 001.015 

Office of the President: Myles Brand Records, 1989-1994

UA 001.016

Office of the President: Dave Frohnmayer Records, 1994-2009

UA 001.017

Office of the President: Richard Lariviere Records, 2009-2012

UA 001.018

Office of the President: Michael Gottfredson, 2012-

UA 002

Homer Barnett Papers, 1937-1986

UA 003

Bill Bowerman papers, 1932-1999

UA 005

Luther Cressman papers, 1930-1990

UA 006

Widowed Services Program/Displaced Homemaker Center and Widowed Services Program Records, 1973-1991

UA 007

Ken Metzler papers, 1934-1973

UA 008

Charles Elliot Johnson Papers, 1942-1968

UA 009

University of Oregon Office of the Dean of Personnel Administration. National Japanese American Student Relocation Council records, 1942-1946

UA 010

O. Meredith Wilson papers, 1929-1989

UA 011

Hugh B. Wood papers, 1965-1968

UA 012

UO Documenting Freshman Year Experience Project journals, Fall Term 2007, Fall Term 2008, Fall Term 2009

UA 013

School of Journalism and Communication records, 1915-1984

UA 014

Ormond R. Bean papers, 1866-1965 1930s-1960s

UA 015

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics films

UA 017

Administrative Manual records, 1956-1971

UA 018

Laura J. Bock papers 

UA 019

Hope Hughes Pressman papers, 1963-1977

UA 020

Albert R. Kitzhaber papers

UA 021

William G. Loy papers

UA 022

Gertrude Bass Warner papers, 1879-1954

UA 023

University of Oregon Board of Regents minutes, 1876-1963

UA 024

Office of Research Services and Administration (ORSA)

UA 025

Horace Robinson papers, 1926-2004

UA 026

University Archives film collection

UA 027

University Archives poster collection

UA 028

University Archives Scrapbooks - students

UA 029

Field Hockey scrapbooks, 1946-1977

UA 030

Bowerman/Nike shoe tread

UA 031

Department of American Studies records, 1984-1991

UA 032

Department of Anthropology, 1942-1972

UA 033

School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA) records, 1905-2007

UA 035

Upward Bound records, 1982-1996

UA 036

Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity records, 1973-1977

UA 038

Department of Biology records, 1896-2004

UA 039

Lundquist College of Business (LCB) records, 1920-2007

UA 041

Philip Dole papers

UA 043

Department of Computer and Information Science, 1962-1996

UA 044

School of Music and Dance records, 1953-2008

UA 045

Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences records, 1980-1993

UA 046

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Center (REESC) records, 1960-1984

UA 048

Department of Economics records, 1948-1979

UA 051

Campus Operations records, 1927-1994

UA 053

Department of Geography records, 1950-1980

UA 054

Department of Geological Sciences records, 1920-1997

UA 056

Department of History records, 1940-1999

UA 057

Department of Home Economics records, 1889-1916

UA 058

Campus Planning and Real Estate records

UA 060

Department of Linguistics records, 1968-1976

UA 061

Erb Memorial Union records, 1936-2002

UA 062

University of Oregon Faculty Assembly and University Senate records, 1933-2010

UA 063

Department of Mathematics records, 1937-2000

UA 064

Department of Military Science and ROTC program records, 1917-1972

UA 065

Department of Philosophy records, 1934-1956

UA 068

Department of Political Science records, 1905-2008 

UA 069

Department of Psychology records, 1969-1975

UA 070

Department of Public Safety records, 1972-1990

UA 071

Department of Religious Studies records, 1923-1982

UA 072

Department of Romance Languages,  1842-1977

UA 073

Department of Sociology records, 1942-1970

UA 074

Pioneer Cemetery Plot Book, 1873-1929

UA 075

Department of Creative Publishing records

UA 076

Oregon Daily Emerald records, 1920-2004

UA 077

School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA) scrapbooks, 1916-1968

UA 078

Faculty bulletins and scrapbooks, 1914-1934

UA 079

MECha records, 2009

UA 080

MEChA Mujeres records

UA 081

University Film Society records, 1957-1973

UA 082

Black Student Union records, 1978-1981

UA 083

Villard Hall Centennial records, 1881-1987

UA 084

Atlantic Union Committee records, 1949-1954

UA 085

University High School records, 1920-1989

UA 086

Women's Faculty Club records, 1927-1988 

UA 087

Centennial Planning Council records, 1961-1977

UA 088

Department of Theatre Arts records, 1890-2001

UA 089

Pioneer Memorial Park Association records, 1874-1998

UA 090

Oregon Bach Festival records, 1970-2011

UA 091

Half Century Club records, 1950-1957

UA 092

Micronesia and South Pacific Program records,1979-2000

UA 093

Pine Mountain Observatory records, 1963-1997

UA 094

International House records, 1919-1933

UA 095

Faculty Club records, 1929-2000

UA 096

Office of Greek Life records, 1964-1988

UA 097

Social Science Club records, 1930-1956

UA 098

American Association of University Professors. University of Oregon Chapter records, 1925-1979

UA 099

Alpha Delta Sigma W.F.G. Thacher Chapter records, 1942-1957

UA 100

Phi Beta. Pi Delta Chapter records, 1927-2006

UA 101

Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity. University of Oregon Chapter records, 1947-1958

UA 102

Propeller Club of the United States. University of Oregon Chapter records, 1937-1950

UA 103

Center on Diversity and Community records, 2003

UA 104

Office of Public and Government Affairs records, 1963-1967

UA 106

Center for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS) records, 1976-2005

UA 107

S.W.I.N.E (Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything) records

UA 108

Phi Beta Kappa. Oregon Alpha Chapter records

UA 109

Office of Multicultural Academic Success (OMAS) records

UA 110

Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) records

UA 111

YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), World University Service. UO Chapter records

UA 112

YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association), UO Chapter records

UA 113

Office of University Housing records, 1923-1991

UA 114

School of Librarianship records

UA 115

Ad Hoc Committee on Librarianship records

UA 116

Mortar Board Society records

UA 117

Phi Beta Women's Fraternity. Pi Chapter records

UA 118

Pi Mu Epsilon. Oregon Alpha Chapter records

UA 119

Museum of Natural and Cultural History records

UA 120

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art records

UA 121

Department of Women's and Gender Studies records

UA 122

Moms' and Dads' Club records

UA 123

University of Oregon Board of Regents records

UA 124

Office of Institutional Research records

UA 125

Laurean and Eutaxian Societies' records

UA 126

Failing and Beekman Oratory Contest records

UA 127

Commencement records

UA 128

Philologian Society records

UA 129

Research Committee records

UA 130

Student orations

UA 132

School of Law records

UA 133

Faculty Fireside Program records

UA 134

Beta Phi Mu. University of Oregon Chapter records

UA 135

Theta Nu Epsilon. University of Oregon chapter records

UA 136

Sigma Chi. Beta Iota Chapter records

UA 137

Women's Workshop records

UA 138

Asian Studies Program records

UA 139

Career Center records

UA 140

Community Action Program records

UA 141

Condon Lectures Series records

UA 142

Latino Roots collection

UA 143

Academic Distinctions Committee records

UA 144

Robert D. Clark Honors College records

UA 145

Alumni Association records

UA 146

Alpha Tau Omega. Oregon Gamma Phi Chapter records

UA 147

Society of the Sigma Xi. University of Oregon Chapter records

UA 148

University Theatre records

UA 149

University of Oregon Archives negatives

UA 150

Associated Students of University of Oregon (ASUO) records, 1901-2005

UA 151

Northwest Review records

UA 152

Orides Club records

UA 153

Murray Warner Essay Contest records

UA 154

University Friars records

UA 155

Comparative Literature Program records

UA 156

Office of Academic Affairs records

UA 157

James H. Gilbert records

UA 158

Foreign Student Friendship Foundation records

UA 159

Academic Learning Services records

UA 160

Educational Opportunity Services records

UA 161

Oregon University System (OUS) Academic Council records

UA 162

College of Human Development and Performance records

UA 163

Creative Writing Program records

UA 164

Computing Center records

UA 165

Center for the Advanced Study of Educational Administration records

UA 166

Dave Frohnmayer papers

UA 167

UO Veterans Oral History Project records

UA 168

Mu Phi Epsilon. Nu Chapter records

UA 169

Institute of Molecular Biology records

UA 170

Department of Ethnic Studies records

UA 171

Department of Physics records

UA 172

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Psi Chapter records

UA 173 

Educational Activities Board records

UA 174

Student Cooperative Association records

UA 175

High School Debating League records

UA 176

Orchesis records

UA 177

Institute of Neuroscience records

UA 178

Institute of Theoretical Science records

UA 179

The Student Insurgent records 

UA 180

University Archives Sound Recording Collection

UA 181

Department of German and Scandinavian records 

UA 182

Department of English records

UA 183

Phi Chi Theta records, 1976-1978


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University Archives: Biographical Files (single files)



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