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How do I copy assignments from course to course?

In Canvas one can copy course components, and do so in a very granular manner.  That is, if one wants to copy only one or two assignments, it can be done.  Go to Settings in the course that the assignments will be copied to.  Click on Import Content into this Course, located on the right side of the page (or at the bottom on narrower monitors/screens.  Then under Content Type select Copy a Canvas Course.

When creating reading assignments and graded Assignments how can they be differentiated in Canvas?

Remember Assignments create items that contribute to the structure of Grades. A best practice is to create Reading assignments in Modules on a Content Page.  That page can be used to frame the assignments for the week or unit.  Then any assignments that are graded are created using the Assignment Tool and added to the same module as the Content Page.

Can incorrect submissions be voided or deleted in an Assignment?

When a student submits a paper and it is not the correct submission, or they update the file, the best work around is to have the student submit the new submission and name it with the word “final” or something similar in the file name.  At this point in time incorrect submissions cannot be deleted.

If a quiz is given in class or “offline” can it be put in the same assignment group with online quizzes?

Yes, while the "offline" quiz (given in class) grade item should be created using the Assignment tool, it can be in the same Assignment Group as those Quizzes created using the Quizzes tool, and given online.



Is it possible for Vericite to be integrated in the SpeedGrader interface?

VeriCite is now integrated. The option to check to make an Assignment a VeriCite assignment is in the Submission Type section of the Assignment settings.  The SpeedGrader interface now shows the reliability score for Vericite assignments, and allows for annotation of the documents in the SpeedGrader as well. This eliminates the need to create two assignments.


How can extra credit Assignments be included in Grades, but not be part of a Weighted Assignment Group?

Create a new Assignment Group and name it Extra Credit.  Assign it a percentage that makes sense for the course. This will be above and beyond the 100% already set up in Assignments and Grades. Keep it unpublished until the end of the term when you want the extra credit to show in Grades. Add the grades, adjust the weight of the group as necessary, and publish the Assignment Group.

Do students get reminders of upcoming due dates?

They don’t get sent reminders automatically.  When instructors put in Due Dates on Assignments in Canvas, those dates show up on the Calendar.  Any items with Due Dates will also show up on the students’ Dashboard in Canvas, and on the Course Home Page.  The instructor can send a reminder to students who have not yet submitted their assignment by going to Grades and in the Assignment title cell, click on the arrow and it will show a menu.

What are the differences between the Due Date, Available from, and Until dates?

The Due Date is the date by which the assignment must be turned in, or it will be considered late by Canvas. In grades the Assignment Grade will be in a cell with a pink background if it is late. Those that are on time will have a white background in Grades.  If the Available from and Until dates are left blank the assignment can be submitted at any time, but will be marked late if it is submitted after the Due Date.

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