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Is it possible to add a student to a course that has ended so they can complete an incomplete, do individual research, or work for an honor theses?

It is.  The instructor needs to submit a ticket to the Educational Technology Office. Provide the course, course title, and CRN.  Explain why and how long the student needs access.  This must be the course the student was enrolled in when taking the course for credit.  There are some cases that might not be acceptable, however all requests are reviewed and most are accommodated.

What happens to my Canvas course after the term ends?

Past Enrollments in Canvas: Limiting student access to the course

Please review this document that explains how past enrollments function in Canvas and how you can control access to your course after the term ends. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!


How do I give another instructor access to a previously-taught course?

Often if another instructor is teaching the same/similar course and would like access to copy materials or review content inside a Canvas course, they can be added to the class as a "Course builder" in Canvas. The course builder role will allow the instructor to access/review materials and copy content into a current course. Course builders do NOT have access to grades and/or any student information/data to remain in compliance with FERPA. 

How do I assign GEs to Sections for grading/lab purposes?

There are a couple  options:

The most straightforward way is to add the GEs to separate labs/sections of the course.

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