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Photo of Hipps boySearching the Doris Ulmann collection

The images are numbered as they appear in the proof albums. The numbering system is collection number-album number-image number.

Titles have been created based on the album annotations, augmented by descriptions and research. Places are assigned from the album annotations and extrapolation from related images. Names have been established from the album annotations and research. Series have been established to facilitate searching of related subjects. Please note that some images have no series assigned while others have multiple series.

Notes are transcriptions of album annotations made with rubber stamps, the precise meaning of which is not always clear. "J.C.C.F.S." stands for the John C. Campbell Folk School near Brasstown, North Carolina.... "Berea" presumably indicates an image printed for the Berea College collection. "Jack's Diary" is a reference to John Jacob Niles' diary, which is housed at the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music at the University of Kentucky.

Left: "Hipps child," boy perched on rail fence. Asheville, North Carolina. Series: Rural Portraits. PH038-02-0130.


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Hands of a quilter Left: Hands and tools of Ethel May Stiles, quilter. Ringgold, Georgia. Series: Craftswomen. PH038-01-0045.

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The Ulmann collection has benefited from the expertise of many people over the years, including curators David Featherstone, John Hawk, and James D. Fox. Christine Sundt is a treasured colleague. Will Harmon oversaw most of the digital production of this collection. We also appreciate the generosity of scholars such as Jane S. Peters of the University of Kentucky. Please contact us if you can assist with identification of sitters or correction of errors.

Right: Mrs. William J. Hutchins, wife of Berea College president, looking at Ulmann photographs. Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. Series: Berea College. PH038-02-0165.


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