Historic Photograph Collections

The Pendleton Group

The Pendleton Group is a series of collections by photographers and collectors working in the Pendleton area from the late 19th century. Several were members of the Pendleton Camera Club. The collections are closely intertwined; for example, Moorhouse's work appears in the collections of the Angelus Studio, Bowman, and Furlong, while the Moorhouse collection also includes the work of many other photographers.

These collections are known for the images of the Pendleton Round-Up and the tribal peoples of the region, but they are also a rich source of documentation for the commerce and development of Eastern Oregon and for social activities. Agriculture, irrigation projects, railroads, shipping show the booming economy while parades, speeches, theatrical groups, and portraits show the daily life and events. The city was full of optimism and visions of progress.

Images: Above: "Moving Pictures?" Bud Ogivly, competing at Round-Up on the bronc Wrangler, comes a little too close to a camera man. Photo signed by Moorhouse but probably by O.G. Allen. From the Furlong collection, PH244-0144. Below left, detail of the Pendleton Camera Club at work, Lee Moorhouse behind the camera, by W.S. Bowman. From the Bowman collection, PH004_0241. Below right: There's more to life in Pendleton than Round-Up. Pendleton High School Girls' basketball team of 1909, by W.S. Bowman. PH004-0342.

The Pendleton Camera ClubPhotographers and Collectors

  • Lee Moorhouse (1850-1926): Moorhouse was a man of many occupations and a prolific photographer. As Agent on the Umatilla Reservation, he had access to tribal people and took many portraits and camp scenes. His son, Mark, was a founder of Round-Up. Moorhouse images are found in many of the collections, but the Moorhouse name is not a guarantee that Moorhouse was the photographer.
  • O.G. Allen (1879-?): An itinerant photographer, Allen had a "studio on wheels" as well as several formal establishments. He was one of the official Round-Up photographers but had a brief career. Allen images are found in many of the collections.
  • Walter S. Bowman (1865-1938): Bowman was a professional photographer noted for his images of Pendleton and the local tribes. Bowman images are found in many of the collections.
  • Lee Drake (1882-1957): Drake was a newspaper man, a civic booster, and active in preservation of historic materials. He collected photos and was an amateur photographer. He was instrumental in building the Pendleton Group collections at the University of Oregon. His collection is most valuable for its historic images, and for his documentation of Round-Up in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Pendleton High School girls' basketball team, 1910Charles W. Furlong (1874-1967): was an explorer, adventurer, writer and scientist who documented his adventures in publications and notebooks and well as in photographs. The Furlong photographs include copies of his artwork, ethnographical evidence, historical events and personalities, and remote corners of the world. He was a competitor and chronicler for the Pendleton Round-Up, and helped establish the mythology of the American West.
  • Miscellaneous works by Rutter, E.E. Gustin, Marcell, R.R. Doubleday, Allison, Roundup Ass'n, Burns, Dennis, Doubleday & Gustin, Garnett, Gibson, Keller & Moore, Pendleton Drug Co., Ward, F.H. Nowell, Goetze, Heller, and Moore.


  • Lee Moorhouse photographs (1897-1926), PH036
  • O.G. Allen/Electric Studio photographs (ca. 1911-1913), PH033. Contains one print and five negatives by Allen.
  • Walter S. Bowman photographs (1890-1925), PH004. Contains 200 prints and 458 negatives by Bowman.
  • Lee Drake photographs (1910-1957), PH021
  • Charles W. Furlong photographs (1895-1965), PH244. Includes 260 images, 215 identified by photographers Allison, Ass'n Photo, Burns, Dennis, Doubleday & Gustin, Furlong, Garnett, Gibson, Keller & Moore, Major Moorhouse, Marcell, Marcell of Calgary, Marcell of Portland, O.G. Allen, Pendleton Drug Co., R.R. Doubleday, Round-Up Ass'n, W.S. Bowman, and Ward.
  • Angelus Studio photographs, PH037
  • Park Weed Willis photographs. Willis was the brother-in-law of Moorhouse, and an amateur historian. His collection includes a small number of vintage Moorhouse prints and Moorhouse family photos.