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Frequently Asked Questions about Special Collections and University Archives

Where are you?

Knight Library, 2nd floor North, 15th & Kincaid Street. We are in the 1937 portion of the building, up the marble stairs. Please be aware that parking can be difficult.

Mailing address:
UO Libraries-SCUA
1299 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1299
Phone: 541-346-3068
Fax 541-346-3485 Attn SCUA
Help with research and reference questions

What do you have?

We have over a million items including medieval manuscripts; recent fine-press books; historic and contemporary photography; documents, objects and records showing the whole history of the University of Oregon; Oregon Trail diaries; letters from pioneers; journals and letters from missionaries in Asia; personal papers of state and federal legislators and policy makers on the environment and many other issues; manuscripts, letters, illustrations, and publications for children's literature and for science fiction, mysteries, Westerns, comic books, and other pulp genres; and many, many other categories. Check our Subject Guides to view a selection of subject areas. Most of our materials are kept in closed stacks or off-site; a very small selection are visible in our Paulson Reading Room.

How do I find something?

The best way to be sure you find everything on a topic is to ask the staff at the Paulson Reading Room desk! We are working to get everything listed in our online catalog. In the meantime there is a wide variety of tools, some electronic, to help you find interesting materials.

1. Search the online catalog using the Catalog tab on the bar at the top of every page.

2. Search our Web pages using the Library Site tab on the bar at the top of every page. We add content frequently to Archives, Rare Books, Photographs, Manuscripts, exhibits and subject guides

3. Come to the Paulson Reading Room and ask staff, look in our card catalogs, and check our files of finding aids and inventories. You can also submit an email query.

4. Search our Digital Collections, Northwest Digital Archives, and the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections.

Who can use your collections?

These collections belong to the people of Oregon. We encourage everyone to come in and use them, including undergraduates, high school students, and the general public. For security we require that everyone register as a user, and that elementary school students have an adult accompanying them. Please bring a photo ID. For the protection of the materials, we may restrict use of some of our fragile items.

How long does it take?

Registration to use our collections takes about a minute, and there is a brief orientation. Books, photographs and most manuscript materials can be paged in a few minutes. NOTE: With the exception of the heavily used collections, most Archives material is stored off-site and is paged only once a week. Architectural drawings are difficult to page, so we ask that you place your request 48 hours in advance.

Can you help with research?

We provide reference and research services for our collections. We require a written request, by email, fax (541-346-1882) or snail mail (UO Libraries--SPC, 1299 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1299. Extended research services (after 30 minutes) are billed at the rate of $50 for OUS members and $60 for all others. Other areas of the Library also provide research assistance; contact the Knight Reference Desk.

Can I make copies?

To protect our materials, we have no self-service photocopying or scanning.  However, we allow non-flash photography under certain circumstances- see our camera policy. We also can provide a full line of reprographic services for you. You can also purchase copies of our digitized images from our Digital Collections.

Can I just study in your Paulson Reading Room?

No. Our Paulson Reading Room is lovely and sometimes very quiet. Other times it is filled with researchers and often with classes. For the security of our materials, we require that the room be used only for research using Special Collections items. The Library has an open Quiet Zone in the south wing, with comfortable seating.

Do you have recent sports pictures?

No, the Athletics Department holds onto films and images for several years before they transfer them into Archives.

Do you want my old yearbook?

We have several full sets of Oreganas. Copies of the very early UO yearbooks, such as the Webfoot and the Beaver, are wanted. Archives is also interested in scrapbooks and diaries from early UO graduates, and photographs of campus events from the 1970s. We continue to add materials in support of our other collections too. If you have something to donate, or would like to help support our work, please send an email.

How do I learn about the history of the University of Oregon?

Come to Archives! In 2004 the Library established a new position, the Richard and Mary Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist. The University Historian, Jennifer O'Neal, will work with the historical collections of University Archives to make them more usable and more complete, and she will create finding aids and other tools to uncover the extraordinary materials that we have. We also have an Archives Reference collection in our Paulson Reading Room.

Do you have architectural drawings?

Yes, we have extensive collections of architectural materials, as does the AAA Library. Our holdings focus on campus structures and on Northwest architects. Due to the size and fragility of these materials, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for paging.

Which collections are yours?

The location codes in the online catalog can be cryptic. Please be aware that many of our materials are not yet in the catalog. We are happy to help you find materials on any subject.

SCA ... Storage Any materials with the Storage designation are stored off-site, and retrieved once a week.
SCA Archives University Archives collections.
SCA Archv Ref Reference materials about the University of Oregon. Search on-line catalog.
SCA Brooks A rare book collection.
SCA Burgess Medieval manuscripts and early printed books. See the Burgess exhibit.
SCA ChildsLit One of the best collections of illustrated children's literature in the country. Includes artwork, correspondence between authors and publishers, and printed editions.
SCA Cole A book and artifact collection about lighter than air transportation, such as zeppelins.
SCA Dunn A rare book collection of historical fiction.
SCA Haycox The reference library of Western writer Ernest Haycox.
SCA HisTxtBks A collection of historic textbooks from the 18th to the 20th century.
SCA Homer A collection of "beautiful books," assembled by Pauline Potter Homer.
SCA Manus Over 3,000 collections of personal papers, manuscripts, corporate records on a variety of subjects.
SCA Mini A collection of miniature volumes.
SCA OrColl Books about Oregon and its people, and works by Oregon authors. Search on-line catalog.
SCA OrColl Media Materials in other formats, related to Oregon.
SCA OrColl Ref Reference materials including city directories, the Oregon Historical Quarterly, and the Blue Book.
SCA Photos Over 300 collection of historical and contemporary images.
SCA Pulp Mags A collection of pulp magazines (Westerns, adventure, mystery, speculative fiction). Please inquire.
SCA Pulp Mys A collection of pulp mystery paperback novels. Please inquire for more information.
SCA Pulp SF A collection of pulp science fiction paperback novels. Please inquire for more information.
SCA Pulp West A collection of pulp Western paperback novels. Please inquire for more information.
SCA Quayle A rare book collection.
SCA Rare Bks A large assemblage of early printed books, fine press books, and important works through the twentieth century.
SCA Ref Reference materials supporting research in our collections, or the study of the history of printing and book design. Search on-line catalog.
SCA Warner The reference library of Gertrude Bass Warner: magnificent and useful works about Asian art and Russian icons. Search on-line catalog.


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