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1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Gone. 1913.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter. 1927.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, My Love for You. 1930.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Lazy Day. 1932.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Akst, Harry, 1894-1963, and Whiting, Richard A., 1891-1938, Guilty. 1931.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Arnold, G., and Van Alstyne, Egbert, 1882-1951, Blue Ridge Moon. 1931.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Black, Ben, 1889-1950, and Moret, Neil, 1878-1943, Old Guitar and an Old Refrain. 1927.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Borgel, N., and Dvorak, A., Sailin' On. 1927.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Conley, Larry, 1895-1960, and Rodemich, G., My Sweetheart. 1924.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Daniels, Charles N. (Charles Neil), 1878-1943, You Tell Me Your Dream. 1928.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Erdman, E., and Russo, D., Toot, Toot, Tootsie. 1922.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Fiorito, Ted, 1900-1971, Charley, My Boy. 1924.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Kent, C., and Alter, Louis, 1902-1980, Hi-ho Lack-a-day What Have We Got to Lose?. 1933.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Le Boy, G., Month of June Is a Song of Love. 1911.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Lewis, Al, 1901-1967, and Moret, Neil, 1878-1943, Give Me a Day in June. 1927.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Lyman, Abe, 1897-1957, and Schonberger, J., I'll Think of You. 1927.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Meinken, F., and Erdman, E., Clover blossom blues. 1922.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Sanders, J., Beloved. 1928.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus, Van Alstyne, E., and Arnold, G., Little old church in the valley. 1931.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Warren, Harry, 1893-1981, Where the Shy Little Violets Grow. 1928.
1886-1941 Kahn, Gus and Woods, Harry, 1896-1970, Little Sweet Where Old Friends Meet. 1932.