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M. 1882-1955 Bauer, Youth Comes Dancing o'er the Meadows. 1914.
L. Wells and Wells, M., You're the sunshine of my heart. 1939.
F. E. Truax, You're the One I Love the Best. Gotham-Attucks Co., N. Y., 1912.
J. Meifert, Roberts, J., Campbell, J., and Burley, C., You're in Oregon, my friend. 1959.
C. Blake, You're a Classy Lassie. 1910.
1898-1957 Nichols, Alberta, Your mother's son-in-law. 1933.
A. 1867-1936 Caldwell, Young Antelope (Piano Solo). 1906.
A. 1867-1936 Caldwell, Young Antelope. 1906.
N. 1880-1928 Bayes and Norworth, J., Young America. 1910.
C. C. Hart, You'll Do. 1919.
H. Trix, You'd Love to Live in Paris. 1913.
P. Lee and Barbour, D., You was right, baby. 1945.
F. Colwell, You set me on fire. 1939.
E. Smith, You Have a Wonderful Way. 1917.
M. Belle, You Gave Me Your Love. 1892.
C. 1891-1938 Conrad, Du Bois, G., Columbo, R. 1908-1934, and Gregory, P., You Call It Madness. 1931.
1862-1918 Lehmann, Liza, You and I. 1897.
L. Bloodgood, You and I. 1914.
C. 1830-1869, You and I. n.d.
L. Bloodgood, You and I. 1914.
C. 1830-1869 and ed. Boguslawski, Moissaye, You and I, Waltz. 1936.
M. Nugent, You Always Be the Same Sweet Girl to Me. 1902.
H. 1870-1957 Bingham, You Alone. 1901.
C. 1862-1946 Jacobs-Bond, Is yo' ? Yo' is. 1905.
H. Zaret, Kramer, Alex, 1903-1998, and Whitney, Joan, 1914-1990, Yo te amo, oh! Baby, Yo tay ah-mo. 1941.