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1886-1971 St. Helier, Ivy, Coal-black mammy. Leo. Feist. Inc , London, England , 1921.
L. Bloodgood, Colleen Machree. Leo Feist, New York, 1914.
L. B. Mathewson, Columbian polka. 126 Lincoln Ave. Detroit, Mich. , 1893.
C. A. Paine, Come. 1924.
N. 1880-1928 Bayes and Norworth, J., Come along my Mandy (American version). T.B. Harms & Francis Day & Hunter , New York, 1910.
F. J. 1883-1938 Brown, Come and dream with me in a Persian garden. Jermone H. Remick & Co., New York; Detroit, 1914.
C. Bernard, Come back and drive the clouds away. Oriole Music Publishing Company , 518 Sprague Ave., Spokane, Washington , 1920.
C. 1830-1869, Come back to erin. Eclipse Publishing Co. , 136 N. 9th St., Philadelphia , 1909.
C. 1830-1869, Come Back to Erin. n.d.
C. 1830-1869, Come back to Erin. n.d.
C. 1830-1869 and arr. Smock, Jim, Come back to Erin. 1935.
C. 1830-1869, Come back to erin [copy 2]. n.d.
1862-1918 Lehmann, Liza, Come, dance the Romaika. 295, Regent Street. W, London , 1891.
B. Remick, Come into the garden, love, Come into the garden. William Maxwell Music Co. , 8 East Sixteenth Street, New York , 1903.
V. Wilkens, Come ma honey come. F. B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc. , 125 W. 87th St. N.Y. , 1913.
S. Clark, Come on kiss your baby, Come on and kiss your baby. (I'll love you all the while.) . M. Witmark & Sons, New York; Chicago; London; Paris , 1907.
Bonita, Come Out and Shine, Oh, Mister Moon. 1907.
1876-1943 Loftus, Cecilia, Come out in the moonlight. Jos. W. Stern & Co., New York, 1907.
I. 1919-1993 James and Miller, S., Come to baby, do!. 1945.
L. France, Come to California. 1914.
E. Doun, Come unto me. 1933.
E. Doun, Come unto me. 1933.
M. 1912-1993 David, Whitney, J. 1914-1990, and Kramer, A., Come with Me, My Honey. 1944.
S. D. Reseburg, Commit thy way unto the Lord. 1949.
1917-2006 Marly, Anna, Complainte du partisan, Song of the French partisan. 1944.