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The NIH Public Access Policy

All NIH-funded researchers are required by federal law to deposit a copy of their NIH-derived publications in PubMed Central and to cite the PubMed Central PMCID as part of grant reports and future grant submissions.

"The Public Access Policy ensures that the public has access to the published results of NIH funded research." Important secondary goals:

  • For patient advocates: "If my tax dollars pay for information that affects my health, I have the right to read that information"
  • For libraries: develop open-access alternatives to commercial publishing
  • For authors: increase the impact of scholarly work

For all peer-reviewed publications arising from NIH grants, authors must

  1. Secure permission from their publishers to allow online archiving in PubMed Central
  2. Deposit author's final version in PubMed Central
  3. Cite the PMCID in future grant submissions, etc.

For more details, see the NIH FAQ at

Note that NIH is not the only funding agency that requires open access deposit.  Another major example is the British Wellcome Trust.  The US National Science Foundation is also considering a similar requirement for grantees.

If you are a UO author of an NIH-funded paper and would like assistance complying with the Public Access Policy, contact your library subject specialist or JQ Johnson (6-1746).

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