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Authors' Addenda

The UO Senate recommends that all UO authors use authors' addenda to insure that they keep the rights they need when they publish scholarly papers. Attach an addendum when you submit the copyright transfer form for a paper you have accepted for publication.

The easiest way to prepare an addendum is to use the Science Commons "addendum engine" to generate a PDF file.  We believe that most UO authors will find that "access/reuse" is the type of addendum that will allow you to retain the rights you care most about.  For a slightly different agreement that asks for what we consider to be the minimum set of rights, see "a sample author's addendum."

Note that some publishers are likely to reject any changes you make to the publication contract.  If they do so, you can negotiate, simply accept their terms, or worst case find a different publisher.  Contact SCIS if you want to discuss a particular situation.

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