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How can I post links in Blackboard to readings I find in library full text databases?

Usually when you look at a full-text article in a subscription database or on a publisher's website, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) associated with the article is dynamic, meaning that if you save it and try to use it to access that article later, it will no longer work. Fortunately, many subscription databases and websites now have permanent web addresses known as persistent, stable or durable links that allow easy incorporation into a web page, Blackboard site, or email.

Using persistent links to library catalog records and e-resources (e.g. e-books and database articles) can offer key advantages, as they do not change, simplifying maintenance of Blackboard pages and other instructional documents. Links to library e-resources circumvents issues of copyright compliance. To download, store and distribute copyrighted materials online often requires permission of the publisher and/or author. The use of persistent links does not require such authorizations.

Please refer to this page on how to create Durable/Stable Article Links to various library databases.

Finding and Posting JSTOR Articles

You first want to use either “Journal Titles (FindText)” under “Find Resources” on the UO Libraries’ main page or search for articles in the search bar. “FindText” is an excellent resource if you know the exact title of an article. The general search is used to locate a variety of articles relating to a specific topic.

Let’s assume the title of the article is unknown. If we search for, say, “Robert Frost” under the “Articles” tab in the search bar, JSTOR begins to draw from its database. The first article that pops up is called “A Defensive Eye: Anxiety, Fear and Form in the Poetry of Robert Frost” provided by Project Muse. Finding the stable link status of Project Muse with the Durable Links FAQ Page, we see that we simply have to copy the URL into the Blackboard site. So we copy the URL of the opened article and navigate back to Blackboard.

In Blackboard, choose the Content Area you want the document to appear in –most instructors choose “Course Documents.” Using the green “Create Content” bar at the top of the page, we select “Create URL.” This opens up a new window where we can title the work, put in the URL, and add a description while also deciding if we want it to open in a new window, when we want to make it available to students, etc. Hit “Submit” and the article should appear on the “Course Documents” page. Clicking the link will open the article, and a small bar should appear at the top of the screen that reads “The content below is outside of the Blackboard Learn environment.” This means that the link is a success.

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