DeArmond MakerSpace

  • Monday through Friday: 10am - 4pm

These hours reflect the PSC full schedule, where the MakerSpace closes one hour before the library.  In cases where the library is on a special schedule (e.g., holidays or between terms), these hours would contract accordingly.

Price Science Commons Room B005:

Lower level, southeast corner adjacent to the open computer lab and near the information desk.

Phone: 541-346-3075


electronics equipment

The DeArmond MakerSpace is a DIY space for use by University of Oregon students, staff and faculty from any department. Use of the facility by others is only allowed for special UO-sanctioned events with prior written approval by PSCRL Staff.  You may make an appointment to use the space here, but if it's your first time coming to see us, please read on.

Prior to using the MakerSpace, each patron must review the use policies, sign the UO release waiver, and pass the safety test. Here is the link where you can do all of that:

Safety Test

Since you may need orientation to the space or machines within the space before you are cleared to work on them, we have an appointment calendar.  To make an appointment for a MakerSpace orientation, please click the button below and select a time.  Some machines are currently not available due to the pandemic, but we will work with you to do socially-distanced in person training as needed, or will work with you via MS Teams.

Equipment and schedule information are available below. Again, please note that many items may only be used after one has received training in their use (note: for Fall 2020 we will not be doing in-person trainings; please ask if you need more information); see above and plan accordingly.  Once you are in the room, equipment that is tagged with yellow tape requires training prior to use, and equipment tagged with blue tape is for staff use only.  All other equipment is free to use.  For questions, see our student staff in the makerspace who are ready to help -- drop in, or make an appointment (yellow button, above).  Please note that while we will help you make sure you are using machines safely and will point you to tools you can use to design your work, we won't do design work for you and don't promise we are experts in the many softwares that might be used.

Here is our list of makerspace equipment.

Policies, the price list, and machine-specific safety information are posted in the MakerSpace for consultation.

Workshop schedule
We are willing to offer workshops in subjects of interest. Give us a call if your group has a need.
Laser cutter

Laser Cutter

Safe cutting materials can be purchased at the service desk or the Duckstore.
3D Printer

3D printers

Printing costs 10 cents per gram; pay by Duck Bucks at the service desk.
Sewing machine

Industrial Sewing Machine

Bring your own materials to sew. Fee per half-hour covers thread and needles.
Electronics kit


Use of hand tools is free; parts may be available for sale at the desk or the Duckstore.