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DeArmond MakerSpace Training Workshops

Workshop schedule

Since our policies require users to complete training before using much of our equipment, we are adding workshops as we gain proficiency with tools and as the space is completed.

Past workshops:

  • Embroidery machine: Thursday, November 10, 12-1pm
  • Oscilloscope and BakerBoards: Tuesday, November 29, 3-4pm and Sunday, December 4, 3-4pm. This is the same workshop, offered twice.
  • Origami: Tuesday, November 29, 5-6pm
  • Cookie cutters (aluminum): Thursday, December 1, 6-7pm


Upcoming workshops:

Workshops are scheduled for an hour unless otherwise noted.

  Day   Date   Time   Activity   Type* 
  Saturday    January 14    2pm    Vinyl & Laser Cutter    T  
  Wednesday    January 18    6pm    Bat Detector part 1 of 5   M  
  Saturday    January 21    2pm    Embroidery and Industrial Sewing Machines    T  
  Tuesday    January 24    2pm    CAD Design    T  
  Wednesday    January 25    6pm    Bat Detector part 2 of 5   M  
  Friday    January 27    6pm    Boomerangs    M  
  Saturday    January 28    2pm    Laser-cut images on wood    M  
  Wednesday    February 1    6pm    Bat Detector part 3 of 5   M  
  Saturday    February 4    2pm    Laser cut/Industrial sewn smartphone sleeve    M  
  Tuesday    February 7    3pm    CAD design    T  
  Wednesday    February 8    6pm    Bat Detector part 4 of 5   M  
  Saturday    February 11    2pm    Laser Cutter  


  Tuesday    February 14    4-6pm    Valentine's Day Makerfest!   M  
  Wednesday    February 15    12pm    Embroidery Machine   T  
  Wednesday    February 15    6pm    Bat Detector part 5 of 5   M  
  Saturday    February 18    2pm    Laser Cut Paper Lamps   M  
  Wednesday    February 22    7pm    Origami Night   M  
  Thursday    February 23    6pm    Basic Electronics/Arduino   T  
  Saturday    February 25    2pm    Scroll Saw, Drill Press, and CNC Router   T  
  Saturday    March 11    2pm    Fusion 360: A Brief Introduction  T  

*Some workshops are for making a pre-defined object, and some are trainings to learn how to use a particular piece of equipment.  These are designated here as T for training, and M for making.


Workshops we will ultimately offer:

  • Laser Cutter
  • MakerBot Replicator2
  • Airwolf 3D printer
  • ShapeOko Router
  • SewTech Industrial Sewing machine
  • Brothers Embroidery Sewing machine and software
  • Vinyl Plastic roll cutter for lettering and decals
  • Oscilloscope and BakerBoards
  • A variety of workshops involving small hand tools or materials.

If you are interested in one of these that's not already on the schedule above, let us know! We can try to prioritize.

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