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Science LC Classification Numbers
(Geared particularly, but not exclusively, toward using the Science Library Reference Collection)

GB -- Geomorphology

GC -- Oceanography

Q -- General Science

QA -- Mathematics
QA1-74 General topics: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Tables

QA75-76 -- Computer Science

QA77-999 -- Mathematics
Special topics

QB -- Astronomy & Astrophysics

QC -- Physics
QC1-61 General topics: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Reference Data
QC350-449 Optics, Light
QC450-467 Spectroscopy (more likely to be used for chemistry purposes)
QC851-999 Meteorology; Climatology (including climate change, global warming, etc.)

QD -- Chemistry
QD1-65 General Chemistry: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, CRC Handbook
QD146-197 Inorganic Chemistry
QD241-441 Organic Chemistry
QD415-436 Biochemistry (see also QP501-801)

QE -- Geology
QE1-350 General, including geographical divisions
QE351-699 Special topics, e.g. geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, volcanoes & earthquakes
QE701-999 Paleontology; Evolution

QH -- Biology; Natural History
QH1-200 Natural History
QH301-358 General Biology: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
QH359-425 Evolution (see also QE701-999)
QH426-470 Genetic
QH506 Molecular Biology
QH540-549.5 Ecology
QH573-671 Cell biology (cytology)

QK -- Botany
QK1-474.5 General: dictionaries; geographical distribution
QK474.8-(638) Specific taxa of plants
QK710-899 Plant physiology (including plant biochemistry, i.e. phytochemistry)

QL -- Zoology
QL1-355 General, including geographical distribution
QL360-739.8 Specific taxa from "lower\" to "higher\" organisms
QL750-795 Animal Behavior
QL799-991 Morphology, Anatomy, Embryology

QM -- Human Anatomy

QP -- Physiology
QP1-345 General
QP351-495 Neurophysiology (neuroscience)
QP501-801 Animal Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (see also QD415-436)

QR -- Microbiology
QR1-74.5 General: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
QR180-189.5 Immunology

R -- Medicine (General)
R121 Medical dictionaries
R131-687 History of medicine

RA -- Public Aspects of Medicine
RA565-600 Environmental health
RA1190-1270 Toxicology

RB -- Pathology
RB155 Medical genetics

RC -- Internal medicine
RC81 Popular medicine; consumer manuals, e.g. Harvard Med School Family Health Guide
RC321-571 Neuroscience; neurology
RC925-935 Musculoskeletal system (exercise & movement science)
RC1200-1245 Sports Medicine (exercise & movement science)

RD -- Surgery
RD701-811 Orthopedic surgery and physical rehabilitation (exercise & movement science)

RE -- Ophthalmology
RF -- Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)
RG -- Gynecology; women's health, reproductive health
RJ -- Pediatrics
RK -- Dentistry
RL -- Dermatology

RM -- Therapeutics; Pharmacology
RM300-666 Drugs and their actions; pharmacology (i.e. how drugs work, including herbal and "natural\" drugs), e.g. Goodman & Gilman's
RM671 Non-prescription drugs
RM695-931 Physical Therapy; Rehabilitation therapy (exercise & movement science)

RS -- Pharmacy and Materia Medica
RS55-75 PDR: Physicians' Desk Reference (and other references) for prescription drugs and herbals
RS400-431 Medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry

RT -- Nursing
RV -- Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine
RZ -- Other systems of medicine (chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy)

S -- Agriculture (General)
S589.7-589.76 Agricultural ecology; Agriculture and environment
S590-599.9 Soils, soil science
S604.5-627 Agricultural conservation; Reclamation; Organic farming; Soil conservation
S900-(972) Conservation of natural resources; Land conservation

SB -- Plant Culture
SB107-109 Economic botany (human use of plants)
SB119-124 Propagation, including agricultural biotechnology
SB317.5-319.864 Horticulture (e.g. encyclopedias of garden plants)
SB610-615 Weeds, parasitic plants, etc. (some info. on invasive plants may be found here)
SB950-990.5 Pest control, including biological control

SD -- Forestry
SD411-428 Conservation and protection

SF -- Animal Culture
SD84.82-85.6 Rangelands, management and conservation; Grazing
SD405.5-407 Laboratory animals

SH -- Aquaculture and Fisheries
SH201-329 Fisheries, including resources, conservation, management

SK -- Hunting sports
SK351-593 Wildlife management; Game protection; Wild animal trade

T -- Technology (General)
T10.5-11.9 Communication of technical information – includes books on scientific and technical writing, e.g. How to write & publish a scientific paper by Robert Day, the CBE manual.
T55-55.3 Industrial safety, e.g. Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials, Bretherick's handbook of reactive chemical hazards – good sources of information on a large variety of chemical compounds.

TA -- Engineering (General and Civil)
TA170-171 Environmental engineering
TA401-492 Materials science, e.g. Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology
TA703-712 Engineering geology; Rock & soil mechanics
TA1501-1820 Applied optics; photonics

TC -- Hydraulic Engineering

TD -- Environmental technology; Sanitary engineering
TD169-195 Environmental protection; pollution
TD419-428 Water pollution
TD878-894 Soil, air and noise pollution
TD1020-1066 Hazardous substances, including hazardous waste sites, remediation, etc.

TE -- Highway Engineering
TF -- Railroad Engineering and Operation
TG -- Bridge Engineering
TH -- Building Construction
TJ -- Mechanical Engineering and Machinery

TK -- Electrical Engineering & Electronics
TK7800-7884 Electronics (general); semiconductors & materials
7885-7895 Computer engineering and hardware
TK8300-8360 Photoelectronic devices (relates to optics, materials science)
TK9001-9401 Nuclear engineering; Atomic power

TL -- Motor Vehicles; Aeronautics; Astronautics

TN -- Mining Engineering; Metallurgy
Including mineral and metallic ore deposits.

TP -- Chemical Technology
TP9 Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (Kirk-Othmer)
TP248.13-248.65 Biotechnology
TP1080-1185 Polymers

TR -- Photography
TS -- Manufactures
TT -- Handicrafts

Z -- Bibliographies, etc.
Z1035.1 Guide to Reference Books (Sheehy); Walford's guide to reference material v.1
Z7401 Reference Sources in Science, Engineering, Medicine, & Agriculture (H. Robert Malinowsky)

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