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  Phone Number Email
Borrowing Books 541-346-3075
Reference Schedule Appointment
Interlibrary Loan 541-346-2658
Requesting UO Material 541-346-2658

Policy and Staffing Questions
  Phone Number Email
Manager 541-346-2664
Technology Specialist and Student Supervisor 541-346-2659

  Title Phone Number Email
Nancy Cunningham Director of Branch Libraries
Kristin Buxton Science Reference Librarian 541-346-2654
or Schedule Appointment
Samuel Galli Reserves and Resource Sharing Clerk 541-346-2658
Jimmy Murray Technology Specialist & Student Supervisor 541-346-2659
Lara Nesselroad Manager 541-346-2664
Dean Walton Science Reference Librarian 541-346-2871
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Annie Zeidman-Karpinski Science Reference Librarian 541-346-2663
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