EFFECTIVE JANUARY 15, 2020: The UO is transferring responsibility for records management oversight, policy, and training from the Libraries to the Office of the Vice President/General Counsel. For the University's current schedule, please visit University Records Management.

Confidential Recycling: What You Need to Know

  1. It's the Law. The University is required to protect the privacy of all students and employees. Under Oregon State Law the University must safely destroy confidential materials (OAR #166-030-0060(2)).
  2. You and your Department must comply. The University has contracted with Garten Services, Inc. for pick-up, shredding, and pulping of all confidential materials. It is very important that every department and employee of the University is in compliance with the law, or you could be held personally liable.
  3. If you do it yourself, you pay for it yourself. Pre-shredding of confidential materials is permissible under state law. However, should you choose this option, please be advised that your Department must pay the cost of pickup. The secured unshredded materials program is the University's preferred and cost-effective solution.

Who to Call:

The University of Oregon contracts with Garten Services, Inc. for pick-up, shredding, and pulping of confidential material.

What the contract covers

Pick up, shredding, and pulping of confidential materials as required by Oregon State Law. Materials are maintained in secure conditions until they are pulped. Unlike shredded materials, pulped documents cannot be reassembled

What the contract does not cover, and thus your Department must pay for itself:

  • Pickup of pre-shredded confidential material
    • Billing for pick up and destruction will be invoiced to the department of origin
    • For pre-shredded materials there is a $40 per trip minimum.
  • Pickup and destruction of confidential material stored on electronic or other media (video or audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, computer disks, etc.). Garten has a confidential plastics recycling program that can handle these materials, but they are not part of the regular contract. Individual departments/units will be billed for this service.  Please contact Garten for more information.  

Departmental responsibilities prior to the pick up of Confidential Recycling:

  • Designate a member of the department to be the official liaison and contact person for confidential recycling.
  • Keep materials in a locked toter, or place the unlocked toter or boxes in a locked room or closet.
  • Provide access for Garten Services to the locked storage area so that the materials can be picked up. Garten will schedule pickups based on use patterns (so an office with heavy use might have weekly pick-ups, whereas an office with very light use might only get their bin picked up once every six months).
  • Arrange for pickup if you accumulate more material than usual and will need to schedule a pickup that is not on your usual schedule or if you are planning a large purge.