Print, Copy, Scan

Printers and copiers

We have a Xerox multifunction printer that can print 8.5 x 11" (letter), 8.5 x 14" (legal) pages, and 11 x 17" (tabloid) pages. Black-and-white printing costs 8 cents per letter or legal sheet (single or double-sided) and 16 cents per tabloid sheet. Color printing costs 25 cents per side for letter and legal paper and 50 cents per side for tabloid pages (Duck Bucks only). The properties for the printer must be set to Black-and-White before the job is sent, or the job will be charged at the color rate.

Our printer doubles as a photocopier. Copies costs 8 cents per page (Duck Bucks only).

The printer also provides scan-to-email and scan-to-usb functions and includes an auto-document feeder. There is no cost for scanning.

Patrons who wish to print to these printers from their own laptops can do so by following the instructions for the Portland Library printer at following link:

The service desk cannot accept cash for printing or copying. You can add Duck Bucks to your UO ID card or to generic Duck Bucks cards available at the Duck Store sold in preloaded amounts ($5, $10, $15 and $20) plus a $1 charge for the reusable card.

To add Duck Bucks to a card, log into DuckWeb or the Duck Bucks website (users with UO IDs only) or call the UO Card Office during regular business hours and use a credit or debit card with the Visa logo. The toll-free number for the Card Office is 1-877-877-4635.


The library has several flatbed scanners and one 35 mm slide/negative scanner (no batch feed) available for UO users. Each scanner is connected directly to one of the academic workstations. Access is performed using the VueScan application on the desktop.

All users are encouraged to bring a flash drive or to email scan files to themselves, as the content of the workstations is refreshed regularly.

The overhead book scanner (KIC Bookeye) can perform scans of bound materials at a range of sizes. A scan can be saved as an image PDF (default), searchable PDF, JPG image file, or MP3 sound file with a spoken version of the captured text. Users may saved scans to USB flash drive or send them via email; there is a 30 page/10 MB file size limit for emailed documents.

The Xerox multifunction printer/copier is also capable of scanning documents and delivering them through email at no charge; there is a 10 MB file size limit for emailed documents.

UO Faculty may also take advantage of some other options for getting slides and other visual materials digitized for academic use. For more information, see the page here.

Large-format printing and scanning

The library staffs and supports the Output Room, located on the 5th floor of the White Stag block. This facility offers high-quality, mediated wide-format printing and scanning.

Output Room equipment:

  • 24" vinyl cutter

  • 42" digital scanner

  • 42" wide-format printer

  • 44" wide-format 12-color printer

  • laser jet color printer (prints letter and tabloid)

Costs for wide-format printing vary according to the type of print job. Full-ink photographic prints are $12 per linear foot. Lines and fill prints are $6 per linear foot. Large-format scanning is $6 per job. Color laser jet printing is 50 cents for letter-size prints and $1 for tabloid.

Users must pay with Duck Bucks (see above for ways to acquire and add to a Duck Bucks account.)