Output Room Printing Procedure

Note: Output Room hours differ from UO Portland Library hours

Large format printing, custom media, and portfolio binding is available from the Output Room through a remote submission and local pickup system. Files submitted at tinyurl.com/UOPDXPrinting will be printed between noon and 2pm, Monday through Friday, and left outside the Output Room (WSB Room 553) for pickup.

Users intending to print must follow these 5 steps

Step 1
Properly format your file.
The Output Room accepts optimized PDF files for printing. Your file will only be added to the print queue if it is properly formatted to print. For information on formatting PDFs to print, please read our PDF optimization handout.

Step 2
Submit your file for printing.
You may print the job directly from any computer with our printer drivers installed, or deliver a properly-formatted PDF to the Output Room and we will submit the job for you. Instructions on installing our printer drivers on your computer can be found here: Printer setup guide.

Step 3
Be sure you have the funds necessary to print.
The Output Room can only release jobs for students who currently have the funds available to cover their printing expenses.
We only accept payment via UO Duck Bucks. Duck Bucks can be loaded onto UO Student ID cards or temporary Duck Bucks cards sold in the Duck Store.
We cannot accept cash, checks, credit card, or IOUs.
We are happy to check the balance of your Duck Bucks cards and to answer any questions you have about the costs of our services before printing.
To find out about adding Duck Bucks to your UO account or to a temporary card, visit the UO Card Office website.

Step 4
Print release
In general, print jobs that are properly formatted and submitted are released for printing in the order in which they are received. Note that priority in printing and imaging assistance is always given to current UO students printing class-assigned projects.
Turnaround time for custom media prints, vinyl cuts, and large format scans:
Due to the amount of Output Room staff labor inherent in these job types they will always take longer than properly-formatted inkjet and laserjet prints. During periods of high demand for our standard printing services - such as during midterm and final reviews - the wait time for these entirely mediated services varies greatly.
It is a good idea to check with us regarding estimated turnaround times. For contact info, please visit the Output Room contact page.

Step 5
Document pickup.
Payment for services is processed when output is delivered at pickup.