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Printer Setup Guides

Here are instructions for setting up the Output Room and the 5th Floor Copy Room printers on your computer. The instructions are broken down by operating system. Printer installation guide.

Note: If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you'll need the following instructions to install the Copy Room printer: 64-bit Windows Instructions.

If you have any problems installing the printers please bring your laptop to the Output Room and let us assist you with the installation.

These handouts are also available in printed form outside the Output Room window.

Note regarding Laserjet prints

Any custom papers to be used on our laser printer must be brought in the box they were purchased in. The box must state that the media is safe for laser printing. We cannot print on custom media that isn't labeled laser safe as it could damage the printer's fuser.

Any double-sided (imposition) booklet prints need to be formatted as print-ready PDFs. Here is a guide on exporting a Postscript file (which can be converted to in Acrobat) from InDesign's Print Booklet feature.