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Library & Output Room Hours:

View our hours on the library's calendar.


Directions & Parking:

We are located in the White Stag Block in Portland, Oregon, next to Tom McCall Waterfront Park and the west side of the Burnside Bridge. Map of our location.

Metered street parking is available on nearby streets. There is a SmartPark garage located at Naito and Davis, approximately two blocks away.

The TriMet MAX train stops immediately outside of our building. Take the Red or Blue line to Old Town/Chinatown or Skidmore Fountain stops; either stop is a little more than a block from UO-Portland's main entrance at 70 Northwest Couch Street.

Many TriMet bus lines currently run along 5th and 6th Avenues a short walk from White Stag.  Some lines have stops at the west of the Burnside Bridge, just above the Skidmore Fountain MAX stop.

You can return books to our book drop (inside the White Stag building by the library's front door) whenever the building is open. 




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