Contact Info

Contact us: 503-412-3671, (or use the web form)
Location: White Stag Block (WSB),
70 NW Couch St Room 172, Portland, OR 97209 (map)
Book drop inside building lobby (available 8am-7pm M-Sa)
Take a virtual tour and watch our welcome video

White Stag Block main floor map to UO Portland showing entrance on Couch Street with path to Output Room, Library and Skidmore Lab


Nancy Cunningham
Director of Branch Libraries

Michael Brown
Branch Manager
T: (503) 412-3673

Paula Martin
Access Services Coordinator
T: (503) 412-3672

Chris Cosler
Digital Media Production Specialist
T: (503) 412-3675

Sean Curtin
Classroom and Videoconference Technology Specialist
T: (503) 412-3750

Subject Specialists & Liaisons

College of Design

Andrew Wang, Art and Architecture Librarian
Subject librarian for Architecture, Historic Preservation, Product Design and Sports Product Design, and Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Lunquist College of Business

Genifer Snipes
Subject librarian for Social Sciences, Business, Economics
T: (541) 346-4139.

School of Journalism and Communications

Katy Lenn, Head of Research and Instructional Services
Subject librarian for UO Portland Journalism, Media Studies, Advertising

School of Law

Angus Nesbit, Law Reference Librarian
T: (541) 346-1673.