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Skidmore Computer Classroom

The Portland Library & Learning Commons maintains a computer classroom of about twenty iMac computers, configured to startup in either the MacOS or the Windows 10 operating system.  The classroom space is scheduled by UO-Portland Academic Affairs following regular classroom scheduling procedure.  Contact your department scheduler or for more information.


The iMacs in the classroom are loaded with the same suite of software provided in the College of Design labs in Eugene, including a wide range of design, productivity, and multimedia applications.  Links to the lists of software available can be found in the College of Design Computing webpage on computing labs.

Open Classroom Hours

When not otherwise reserved, the Computer Classroom is available at all hours for use by UO-Portland students and faculty in participating degree programs.  Those departments are: Architecture, Arts & Technology, Product Design, Historic Preservation, Sports Product Design, Sports Product Management, Strategic Communications, and Multimedia Journalism.


Usage policy

  • The Computer classroom operates under the UO Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy.  It is the responsibility of all users of the classroom to be familiar with and abide by the policy.
  • Food or drink are not permitted in the classroom.
  • Construction of physical architectural models is not permitted in the classroom.
  • Patrons must vacate the classroom at least fifteen minutes before any scheduled reservation.
  • Unmonitored, multi-hour rendering projects are permitted on the computers with the following conditions:
    • Computers must be released before a class reservation
    • If multiple computers are being used by a single user, that user must relinquish computers to accommodate their use by other open hours patrons where necessary.
    • UO is not responsible for uncompleted renderings.

For more information, please write to or call 503-412-3671.


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