Announcing the 2021 Award Recipients of UO Libraries' Data Stories Award

The Data Stories Presentation Award recognizes a data story presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

"Data Stories" is part of the annual UO Undergraduate Research Symposium. Students can choose to present on this track to discuss their journey with data. The focus is on how they located, collected, and analyzed the data. Congratulations to this year's award winners!

Data Stories Presentation Award Winners

Grand Prize $300.00

Rachel Conner
Project title: 100 Years of Malaria Prevalence in Zanzibar, East Africa

This work represents an impressive research effort that offers important lessons for global epidemiology. Rachel’s presentation began with two specific research questions. She gave her audience a glimpse of the archival data sources used to compile her data set and the difficult methodological issues raised by efforts to normalize a century of data. She explained why her team decided in the end to use only a subset of the data, and made clear how the story it tells has important lessons for those seeking to improve global public health in the future. Find Rachel's presentation on YouTube, here.

Honorable Mentions $100.00

Lucinda Roberts
Project title: Quantifying Glacial Melt and Movement Using Remote Sensing in Greenland's Sermilik Fjord

Lucinda clearly and compellingly described her research question, the sources of her data, and the challenges associated with processing it within the constraints of a short poster presentation. She deserves special recognition for taking on the technical challenges associated with her data as a first-year student. Find Lucinda's presentation on YouTube, here.

Olivia Farnham
Project Title: Compounding Precarity: COVID-19 and the New Hazards of Low-Wage Work

Olivia deserves special recognition for developing an original data set of structured interviews during a global pandemic and with very limited resources. In her presentation she compellingly described the experiences of her interviewees and found suggestive differences between the experiences of classified staff and student workers. Find Olivia's presentation on YouTube, here.