Law in a World of Capes, Tights, and Trench Coats

Exhibit in the Jaqua Law Library, August - December, 2017

Marvel Comics She Hulk

What is the role of the superhero in the legal system? What rules of criminal procedure and evidence apply when a superhero works with law enforcement to solve crimes? Can regular, non-super individuals serve as an un-biased jury of peers to a superhuman defendant? Are back issues of comic books appropriate legal precedent to guide our decisions?

Comic books provide an illustrative means of understanding jurisprudence and many principles of law. Superheroes have a complicated relationship with the legal world. They have been depicted as protectors and enforcers of justice, vigilantes, defendants, and even lawyers.  Accordingly, it is worthwhile to pause while fighting the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way and ask, what is justice in the multiverse?