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Knight Library Browsing Room Reservation Policy

Within the parameters described in this policy and in accordance with the UO Facilities Scheduling policy, the Knight Library Browsing Room (106) may be reserved by University and other community groups for purposes directly related to UO’s and the Libraries’ educational and administrative needs, and Library-approved events. The needs of current UO faculty, staff, and students take priority. Only Library Administration staff may input a meeting reservation in the calendaring system. Requests for Browsing Room reservations are accepted via the online reservation form. Browsing Room reservations for the following academic year will be accepted beginning June 1. The number of reservations will be limited to a level that can be accommodated by the Libraries’ staffing.

For non-library events, Library Administration will coordinate the arrangement of furniture with Access Services. A campus index is required at the time the reservation is made to cover applicable fees (see “fee schedule” below). Library staff is not responsible for the ordering or removal of refreshments for non-library meetings. The party requesting the room must contact UO Catering directly.

The party requesting the room–whether Library staff/faculty or campus partners–must schedule audio visual equipment use and support with the UO Libraries’ Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) directly at 541-346-3091.  The Browsing Room has self-service, built-in presentation equipment, including projector and screen, document camera, resident Windows laptop, Blu-Ray player, VGA and HDMI hookups for personal devices (laptop, tablet), and three microphones (built-in microphone, clip-on wireless microphone, and a hand-held wireless microphone).  Instructions on how to use this technology are posted in the room and available online.

For internal library events, the requesting library department should refer to the Browsing Room policy on the libraries’ intranet (password required).

Wheelchair access is available through the east entrance on the north side of the building.

For special parking arrangements, contact the Department of Public Safety at 541-346-5444.

For questions regarding the Browsing Room, please contact Library Administration at or 541-346-3056.

Rules Governing Knight Library Browsing Room Reservation and Use

  1. The room must be used for purposes directly related to UO’s or the Libraries’ educational or business needs, or Library-approved events. 
  2. The UO Libraries allows others to use the Browsing Room, but does not offer full event management services.
  3. The room will only be made available during hours the library is open to the public.
  4. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance, and are “first come, first served.”
  5. Reservations may be made for only one instance of a meeting. Reservations cannot be recurring, such as every Wednesday or once a month. 
  6. Commercial use of campus space must receive prior approval from the UO Scheduling and Events Office.
  7. Additional policies apply to non-university sponsors, including the UO Facilities Use Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions, which includes proof of comprehensive general liability insurance.
  8. No changes to the room set-ups will be accepted within two weeks prior to the event. If a reservation is cancelled after the room has been set up for the event, the room set-up fee will be charged.
  9. Food and drink are permitted in the Browsing Room with the following limitations: buffet only, no seafood entrees, no sprinkle-type items. University Catering, as the exclusive caterer for campus, must be used (541-346-4303). Alcohol permitted only through University Catering. All arrangements for refreshments and removal of food and trash from the room are the responsibility of the party reserving the room.
  10. Non-amplified music is permitted as long as it is appropriate for the Libraries’ environment; music is not permitted during dead week and finals week.
  11. For safety reasons, the room has a maximum capacity of 140 people. The party reserving the room must ensure that the maximum capacity is not exceeded.
  12. If the door is not open, please ask someone at the Checkout and Reserves Desk to open the door. When leaving, turn out the lights and make sure the door is closed and locked.
  13. To avoid disruption of the library’s classrooms and operations, the Browsing Room doors must remain closed during use.
  14. Nothing may be hung, taped, or affixed in any manner to the walls, doors, windows, or floors.
  15. Open flames and smoking are not permitted.
  16. To maintain the air balance system in the building, the windows must remain closed.
  17. The event’s sponsor agrees to make restitution for any damage to the Browsing Room, its contents, or equipment. If the Libraries incurs any expenses on behalf of the user, the expenses will be charged to the user.
  18. A contract confirming reservation, set-up, and applicable fees will be sent via e-mail by the Library to the party reserving the room.

Fee Schedule


University-Sponsors Non-University Sponsors


$20/hr. (4 hour minimum)
$200 max, daily fee (10 hrs.)

$30/hr. (4 hour minimum)
$300 max, daily fee (10 hrs.)Note: a $50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation. This deposit will be applied to the total fee.


$20 for row seating; $35 for tables (rounds, rectangles, bistros)


Contact CMET for applicable fees

NOTE: Any additional charges for food, media, security, equipment, and/or labor services are the responsibility of the event sponsor. Security and/or labor services may be mandatory for some events at the discretion of the building manager or the Dean of Libraries.
*Revenues from the room use fees are used for ongoing maintenance and furnishings in the Browsing Room and other public areas within the University of Oregon Libraries.










Room Set-up Options




Standard lecture

75-125 people

West end: standard (fixed) technology set up (contact CMET for fees, details, and usage)
Center: rows of chairs (85 chairs max)
East end: rows of chairs (40 chiars max), two 8-foot banquet tables

Standard lecture with head tables

75-125 people

West end: standard (fixed) technology set up (contact CMET for fees, details, and usage)
Center: rows of chairs (80 chairs max)
East end: rows of chairs (40 chairs max), two 8-foot banquet tables

9 round tables

54-72 people

West end: standard (fixed) technology set up (contact CMET for fees, details, and usage)
Center: 7 round tables with 6-8 chairs each, sign-in table
East end: 2 round tables with 6-8 chairs each, two 8-foot banquet tables


75-140 people

West end: standard (fixed) technology set up (contact CMET for fees, details, and usage)
Center: optional up to 4 bistro tables, chairs
East end: two 8-foot banquet tables, optional one round table

Hollow square

12 people

Center: four tables in square with 3 chairs each (12 chairs total)

Additional furnishings available upon request: 125 chairs total, 3 six-foot rectangular tables total, 4 bistro tables, 2 coat racks, and baby grand piano.

Approved May 17, 2016

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