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Textbook Publishers and Integration with Canvas

Currently UO has established a legal contractual agreement with McGraw-Hill and Cengage (Aplia, Mindtap, SAM, etc.) The University must have a contract with the publisher before we can integrate the publisher's learning tools with Canvas and allow grades and assignments to be passed between the publisher's site and Canvas.  Right now Legal Counsel is working with Pearson and Macmillan.  We do not have dates for when these integrations will happen, so we appreciate your patience. If there are other publishers who have an integration that works with Canvas, please send an email to: and let us know which publisher it is and we will add them to our list.

One final note, make sure if you are going to use a publisher integration with Canvas, your students will need to purchase the textbook package that comes with the access code for McGraw-Hill or Cengage.



McGraw-Hill Connect

With Connect, McGraw-Hill and Canvas work very well together. The integration is seemless.  For more information about the integration and how to set it up see the documents below:

Setting up McGraw-Hill Connect - (PDF - Version 3 - Updated 01/10/2017)


Cengage currently has several different tools that integrate with Canvas.  One example is Aplia, which is the tool that is used for courses like Economics.  MindTap provides specific tools depending on the discipline, and has great real-time analytics and persosnalizes the learning proces.  Your textbook from Cengage will use one fo their Products that integrates with Canvas.

It is very important to work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to set up your Cengage site and pair it with Canvas before the term starts.  Cengage's website says it could take a few days up to several weeks to complete this part of the set-up.  Please start early and let Educational Technology & Canvas Support should you need assistance.  Once the term starts and students have completed assignments in the Cengage tool, the site cannot be paired with Canvas.

Here is documentation on how to get your students started, as well as documentation for instructors on creataing assignments and grading and how they are brought into Canvas, and the interface with Cengage.  Please let us know if you need further assistance in setting up the integration or getting your students started.


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