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White Stag Block Exterior

70 NW Couch Street
Portland, OR 97209

T : 503-412-3671
F : 503-412-3670

Located in the historic White Stag Block in Portland, the Portland Library and Learning Commons (PLLC) provides learning spaces, collections, research services, and technologies to support academic programs at UO Portland

In addition to providing research services and access to resources, the staff of the PLLC supports instructional technology for UO Portland, including the Output Room and a computer classroom. In the library are several workstations with a full suite of productivity and design software. The PLLC also offers a group study room and a classroom.

An integral part of the University of Oregon Libraries, UO's Portland library fosters collaboration and community among students and faculty with UO's main campus in Eugene.

Get books, e-books, DVDs, journals, and more, from all over the world.
Library employees are available to assist with technology, research, and instruction.
Shortcuts. To top resources (most online) in dozens of topics.
Watzek House site plan
Explore the Digital Output Room, a high-tech imaging facility
A small collection of digital devices is available. Find out more.
Skidmore Bldg., 1955 (Building Oregon collection)
Pictured: White Stag, 1955. Streaming audio, video, images, texts. Take a look.
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