Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB): Research and Learning at the Ocean's Edge

An exhibit in Knight Library, April-Sept 2016

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology exhibit poster
University of Oregon students have the opportunity to study marine biology in one of the most spectacular coastal regions on earth.
In operation for almost ninety years, the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) is the marine research station of the University of Oregon. This 100-acre campus is located in the little fishing village of Charleston, Oregon at the mouth of Coos Bay. Surrounded by an unusually diverse assortment of marine and estuarine habitats, OIMB provides students and researchers with facilities, equipment, and convenient access to study a remarkable range of marine organisms and ecosystems.
At OIMB . . .
  • Students get their hands dirty and their feet wet. The faculty guides hands-on exploration of scientific frontiers from molecules to organisms to entire ecosystems. Classes meet all day long, interspersing lectures with laboratory projects, field work, and boat trips.
  • Most of the resident faculty members conduct research on the early life-history stages (eggs, embryos, larvae, and juveniles) of marine animals.
  • Graduate students affiliated with OIMB laboratories work locally, up and down the Pacific Coast, and in deep-water habitats throughout the world.

Presented in conjunction with the grand opening of the Charleston Marine Life Center - a new public museum on the OIMB campus - this exhibition in Knight Library highlights the history and culture of OIMB, as well as the learning, exploration, and knowledge creation that happen "at the ocean's edge."


This event is free and open to the public. Accommodations for people with disabilities will be provided if requested in advance by calling 541-346-3056, or email libadmin@uoregon.edu.