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PSC Individual Study (temporary)

Building Allan Price Science Commons & Research Library
Floor(s) Basement
Science B004A (CIS), Science B008 (Geology), Science B009 (Biology), Science B010 (Physics), Science B011 (Chemistry), and Science B012 (A&P)
Room Type
Study Space
Individual Room
Room Features
Flat Panel Monitor
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Today's Bookings

These rooms have been repurposed for fall 2020 as individual study rooms.  Reservations are required, and can be made as early as four weeks ahead, or as late as the start of the reservation.  There is a 30-minute buffer time between reservations. Appropriate uses are (virtual) discussion, study, and research sessions.

Due to high demand, users may reserve up to six hours per week in 30-minute blocks, up to four blocks in a single day.

Contact the Price Science Commons & Research Library service desk at (541) 346-3075 or with any questions about these rooms or to cancel a reservation.