Introducing LibCal

UO Libraries' New Room Reservation System

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Beginning Spring Term 2015, LibCal replaces 25Live as the UO Libraries' room reservation system.

LibCal offers a number of service and usability upgrades:

  • Faster, easier, and more intuitive to use.
  • More rooms and more availability for reservations. Several of the rooms configured in LibCal were never reservable previously.
  • Confirm reservations almost instantly. Click submit, and in most cases you'll instantly receive an email with a link to confirm your reservation. You'll no longer have to wait up to 48 hours for a confusing "assign" or "deny" email.
  • Automated reservation calendaring. Confirmation emails will also include an option to save the reservation to your Outlook or Gmail calendar.
  • Clearer policies and guidelines. In LibCal, room use policies and guidelines are less restrictive, easier to read and understand, and easier for library staff to enforce. They'll also be clearly posted above the reservation tool itself, instead of on a separate page.
  • Mobile friendly. LibCal interface is easier to view on mobile devices, and has a clean, clutter-free design.

Click here to reserve a room now: