Rooms & Study Spaces

Knight Library Open Area Study Spaces

Building Knight Library
Floor(s) 2, 3, 4
Room Type
Open Area
First Come First Serve
Room Features
Study Carrels

There are open area study spaces featuring tables and chairs throughout the second, third, and fourth floors of Knight Library.

  • NW Corner (2nd fl)
  • Outside Reed Classroom (2nd fl)
  • Center Pathway (2nd fl)
  • Staircase Alcoves (2nd fl)
  • NW Corner (3rd fl)
  • Center Pathway (3rd fl)
  • Music Area (3rd fl)
  • Music Stacks (3rd fl)
  • Staircase Alcoves (3rd fl)
  • SW Windows (3rd fl)
  • SE Windows (3rd fl)
  • Center Stacks (4th fl)
  • SW Windows (4th fl)
  • West Windows (4th fl)
  • Center South (4th fl)
  • Staircase Alcoves (4th fl)
  • SE Windows (4th fl)
  • East Windows (4th fl)
  • NW Corner (4th fl)
  • NE Corner (4th fl)