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New Process for Summit Item Requests

Beginning January 20, 2015, Summit item requests will be done directly in the UO Libraries' LibrarySearch interface. Summit items will continue to be discoverable in LibrarySearch, which will offer a link to "Place Summit request (about 5 days)." However, patrons will no longer need to log into a different system to place a Summit item request. Instead, the link in the "Get It" tab will provide a form with information about your item and a "Request" button.  

Here's the new process for requesting a Summit item:
1.       Find your item in LibrarySearch.
2.       Click on the Get It tab.
3.       Click on the Place Summit Request link.
4.       Select a pickup location.
5.       Click on the Request button.

Once the request has been submitted, you will be able to track the Summit requests in your LibrarySearch account. The LibrarySearch account will also provide a list of your checked-out Summit items.

The UO Libraries will continue to process any open Summit requests, although patrons will not be able to log into their accounts to review open requests. Links to will no longer function starting on January 20, 2015.

Have questions?  Contact us at

And remember, most Summit items are checked out for six weeks!


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