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Aerial Photography Exhibit in Knight Library Offers Bird’s-Eye View of Northwest Locations

An exhibit entitled “Oregon Aerial Photography” is now on display in Knight Library. Curated by Nik Ligett, map and aerial photography technician at the UO Libraries, the exhibit showcases the Aerial Photograph Collection, one of gems in the library’s holdings, and provides dozens of examples of how aerial photography serves as a critical resource for researchers and others in science, business, environmental studies, and many other disciplines.

With more than 700,000 individual images, the collection represents one of the five largest academic aerial photograph collections in the nation and the most complete one for Oregon coverage. Images in the collection document the changing landscape of Oregon and other locations from the 1930s through the present day.

The exhibit has photos mounted in four separate display cases, with each case illustrating the images’ historical value in tracking changes to the landscape over time as well as in demonstrating the sheer beauty of the land viewed from above through unusual geologic and geometric patterns.

One sequence of photos shows the gradual but dramatic changes occurring at a west Eugene location as alterations took place between 1936 and 2009. Taken together, the aerial photos document the various forces at work in shaping and reshaping any given landscape over time.

Other images show well-known landmarks, as well as more obscure ones, in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including Mount St. Helens, Crater Lake, and sites in Japan and Greenland.

The exhibit in the east and west entryway corridors of Knight Library continues through September 2014. Visit for viewing hours.

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