Library Course This Fall Integrates Your Research with 3-D Printing

This fall, you can learn about the future impact of 3-D printing in your field while carrying out your own 3-D printing project in a course offered by Science Librarian Dean Walton.

Entitled “Make!—Research and 3-D Object,” the 1-credit, P/NP course will allow you to explore, research, design, and fuse as you learn to print in 3-D.

Register now to ensure a spot in the class. The CRN for the LIB 399 course is 16867.

The class will focus on 3D printing and how related design strategies (computer drawing and imaging) are advancing science and other technologies. Students will explore how these technologies are modifying what is possible to visualize and create in their own fields of study. For example, 3D technology can be used to create computer-generated landscapes, and a CAD program can now be used to design a prosthetic hand.

Students will not only use these technologies to generate their own research objects but will also speculate on the future development of technologies in their research areas.

Final products in the course will include a poster or oral presentations, along with printed 3-D objects.

For more information, contact Dean Walton, 541-346-2781,