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Welcome to ESP: Employee Success Program!


In early 2012, the UO Libraries' organizational learning and development team, was given the charge to "create a new employee advanced orientation program," one of the objectives to help us address the Strategic Direction to Become a Learning Organization.

The goal was to augment what departments were already doing by providing an orientation to the organizational culture that goes beyond the specific tasks for learning a new job, and beyond the basics for learning about the new department -- the Libraries' mission, vision, and what it means to be a library professional and good campus citizen. This involves a lot more people (other than the individual department or Library Human Resources staff), and distributes the responsibility across the organization.

At the heart of this orientation, or on-boarding program, is the idea that we all have a role to play to help the new employee:

  • Feel an important part of the organization
  • Feel encouraged at what he/she is learning and the pace he/she is learning
  • Feel valued and welcome in the new workplace

Happy, comfortable, challenged and prepared employees will enjoy coming to work, and will hopefully feel invested enough to stay a good, long while, in this library career.

How Will We Accomplish ESP?

In addition to providing guidelines for the new employee, the cornerstone to accomplishing ESP will be a three-person orientation team approach that includes:

  1. The Immediate Supervisor: will provide clear job training and expectations for employee success on the job, as well as introduce the local departmental organizational "culture" and philosophy.
  2. Social Guide: will provide the new employee with introductions, tours, suggestions, informal meetings, and whatever helps the new employee get a better sense of the organizational, campus or community culture.
  3. Professional Expectations Guide: may enhance what you, the supervisor cover, but will additionally provide what are the professional expectations in the Library for that particular employee's job classification (NTTF faculty, officers of administration, classified staff) to help the new employee be as successful, knowledgeable and as prepared as he/she can be.

It is possible some of what these guides impart to the new employee may overlap, but that's okay too. The better to reinforce what expectations are so there will be no surprises!

For information about how we're doing, contact ESP Coordinator, Patrick Moore.


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