Research Paper or Project & Library Essay

Research Paper/Project & Library Essay

Paper or Project

  1. Submit all written student documents as one electronic pdf document (sent as email attachment)
  2. Written projects should be double-spaced; there is no minimum or maximum length.
  3. Digital projects: submit a printout of the first "page" of the project in addition to the digitally formatted version.
  4. Provide a dvd or cd copy of web-based projects.
  5. For all other project formats, consult with the Award Committee Chair, c/o
  6. All other application components must be submitted as electronic documents or paper.

Library Essay

  • Double-spaced 2-3 pages.
  • Demonstrate excellent use of library services, resources, and collections in any format.
  • Demonstrate effective application of information literacy criteria:
    • evaluating and analyzing information
    • managing, organizing, and synthesizing information
    • using appropriate and accurate citations and credits
  • Show evidence of significant growth as a scholar in describing their methods of research and analysis.
  • Demonstrate mastery of content appropriate to class level, clear writing, and overall quality of presentation.
  • Show evidence of independent inquiry and creativity in the research process.
  • The quality and content of the Essay is given close review.