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Research Guides to Photography

Historic and contemporary Photograph Collections  This useful guide provides information about the content and use of the photography collections held by the University of Oregon Libraries' Special Collections and Archives.  Special Collections has aproximately 500,000 photos, the most important of which are the pre-1940s materials.  Many of these collections have been digitized and can be found below in the HIstoric Photographs database, and many others can be accessed in person in Special Collections on the second floor of Knight Library (up the marble staircase in the front of the building).


Finding Books on Photography:

Books of photography can be found in different locations in the UO Libraries.  Many focus on a particular photographer, and are considered books about photography as an art form.  These books are mostly located in the Architecture and Allied Arts Library on the 2nd floor of Lawrence Hall.  Books on photography as a method of reporting or journalism are located in Knight Library, and rare and fine press books on  art photography are in the Libraries' Special Collections. 

Photography books have a call number that begins with "TR".  You may choose to find the TR section in the A&AA Library and simply browse by  paging through different books on the shelves.

There are also books that are about other topics, such as food, farming, fruit and vegetables, or particular types of foodWhen you add the term "pictorial works" to your search, you will find books on your topic that are considered heavily illustrated.  You may also choose to do a key word search in the library catalog on photography and "still life", which is the fine art term for images of flowers fruit, vegetables which are arranged for a picture.


Finding Photos:

There are useful image databases you may want to use when searching for images to use in your assignments. One of the benefits of using images from a database like ARTstor is that the quality of the image is quite good when compared with the average image you'll find by Googling pictures.

ARTstor : is a massive (over a million) image database including art images from all cultures, time periods and parts of the world as well as historical photographs and other images like maps and illustrations.

AP Images : is the image archive of the Associated Press. Over 750,000 photos from the news, both recent and historic.  You will actually find a startlingly large number of photographs of food, and this is a ggod place to look if you are interested in seeing images of people around the world who grow food.

The Center for Creative Photography : at the University of Arizona is an incredible resource including the works of many well known photographers.  If you know who you are interested in, this is a great place to look.  The list of photographers represented in the collection is long, but only some have been digitized for online availability.

Historical Photographs (in the University of Oregon Special Collections)   This image database contains images from fifteen photograph collections held by the University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections and Archives.  You may browse the collections individually or search across all of them at once.

UO Archives Photos: Photos in this collection are all related to the history of the University of Oregon.  Search here to find historic images of buildings on campus, student life and classes.

UO Athletics: These photos document historic and more contemporary events in the UO's sports history.



 Finding Articles

The indexes below will help you to locate articles from newspapers, news magazines and journals that inform you about the photographs or the background of the situations in the photographs that you've selected for your library project.

Alternative Press Index : This database indexes more than 200 newspapers, magazines and journals that can be  considered to present alternative or even radical viewpoints.  Areas of study covered include economics, sociology, politics, and others related areas.  Because food growing and production is often controversial (think United Farm Workers or GMO foods) alternative press index may offer useful alternate perspectives.

Finding Newspapers at the University of Oregon:  This page is a jump page that leads to various ways to search for articles and or papers at the University of Oregon.  Select the link in the third line to find newspaper stories from Oregon newspapers, or the link in the fourth line to find stories from major U.S. and international papers.

The indexes below include mostly journal articles:

General/ Interdisciplinary : For a broad spectrum of disciplines, use the article search on the libraries' home page, or on the page linked here.

Art Full Text  Art Full Text is the most versitile of the databases for research in art and art history.  It contains indexing to many journals on photography as well as those that include photography.  Most of the journals indexed here, because they are oriented towards artists and art historians, contain images.

ArtBibliographies Modern: ArtBibliographies Modern is an index to journal articles, exhibit catalog essays, and other essays on art and art history about art in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Photography is well covered in this index.


Other Useful Information

Citation Guides and Tools: a general page that offers an overview of why to cite your sources and how to do it.

Avoid Plagerism Guide: A very important guide to help you to avoid plagerism.  Plagerism is a very serious issue and has terrible consequences!

Scholarly v. Popular: How to tell the difference between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.

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