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For further assistance contact Cara List at, or stop by the A&AA Library in Lawrence Hall to see her.

Finding Images

Finding inspirational images for your project may take some time as images are created using a visual language as opposed to a verbal one, making searching more complex.  Browsing for images in books shelved in the A&AA Library will be one good way to discover images that speak to the vision you are developing in response to The Laramie Project.  Depending on the type of image you hope to find, begining with a book of artworks by different artists working on a common theme or subject may be an effective way to find a variety of possibilities.

  • Keyword searches of the UO Local catalog can help you to locate books that include many images by different artists all interested in a central theme; some possible keyword searches might include: art AND politic*, art AND violence, art AND  (queer OR gay OR homosexual) or art AND western AND American.  Searches like these will lead you to books like: Art and Agenda: Political Art and Activism  (AAA N72 .P6 A78 2011) and Art & Queer Culture (N72 .A64 L67 2013) among others.  Leaf through the book, looking for artworks that fit your ideas.  Note the artist's name with which you can now search the catalog for books that focus on that artist's life and work.
  • You may also wish to look at a reference work to find information on various artists or movements:

The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts (AAAReference N72 .H64 Q44 2004)

The Grove Dictionary of Art Online offers biographies of individual artists but articles on "queer studies", "gay and lesbian art", and "political art in America" may be helpful.  If you have found an image that you like elsewhere, look up the artist by name in the Grove and click on the image tab at the top of the page to see other works by the same artist.

  • There are several Image Databases that you'll want to consult as well:

ARTstor : is a massive (over a million) image database including art images from all cultures, time periods and parts of the world as well as historical photographs and other images like maps and illustrations.

AP Images : is the image archive of the Associated Press. Over 750,000 photos from the news, both recent and historic.

Art and Architecture Images : the images in this database are images used in courses here at the UO. This is a good alternative to searching in ARTstor, if you haven't yet found the image you are looking for.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art : includes selected images from the collections of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art here on campus.


Finding Articles

Articles that provide you with information that informs your response to The Laramie Project may come from a variety of perspectives:

General/ Interdisciplinary : For a broad spectrum of disciplines, use the article search on the libraries' home page, or on the page linked here. One additional database that may be interesting is the Alternative Press Index.

Art Databases:  To find articles about artists who make work that inspires the visual aspect of your project, you may wish to consult one of the art databases, especially Art Full Text or ArtBibliographies Modern.

Cinema Studies :  These databases may provide you with articles about history and criticism of film and television which may be useful to those of you interested in a project that involves video.  The Film and Television Index will be especially useful, but also notice that the MLA International Bibliography which covers all aspects of literature, including drama, theatre, film and television.


Other Useful Information

Citation Guides and Tools: a general page that offers an overview of why to cite your sources and how to do it.

MLA Style Quick Tips: You may still need to use the MLA Handbook for complicated citations, but this quick guide will help you with the basic construction for both a bibliography and a footnote.

Avoid Plagerism Guide: A very important guide to help you to avoid plagerism.  Plagerism is a very serious issue and has terrible consequences!

Scholarly v. Popular: How to tell the difference between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.

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