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UO Libraries’ Kelley McGrath Receives Nancy B. Olson Award

Kelley McGrathMetadata Management Librarian Kelley McGrath has been named the winner of the Nancy B. Olson Award for 2013. Each year, Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC), an international organization for catalogers concerned with all types of nonprint materials, honors an individual who contributes to major advances in the field of audiovisual cataloging. In its announcement, OLAC  praised McGrath for her “contributions to the interpretation and standardization of audiovisual cataloging practices and her success at developing policies for cataloging audiovisual materials at the national level.”

Specifically, the award lauded McGrath for her:

  • groundbreaking work with FRBR principles, particularly as they relate to audiovisual materials
  • initiative and leadership in developing and implementing audiovisual cataloging practices utilizing the emerging RDA standard
  • influential work with MARC formats and BIBFRAME, particularly as related to audiovisual materials
  • innovative contributions to various workflows related to the creation and maintenance of metadata
  • amazing grasp of cataloging theory and practice
  • work in and for OLAC and various national and regional organizations and committees
  • willingness to share her knowledge with other librarians

McGrath will receive the award at the OLAC membership meeting in July during the American Library Association Annual Conference.

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