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The 2013 Desktop Background competition is over and we have a winner! The winning entry will appear on library workstations later this summer.

Below are the six entries we received. with some information about our entrants and what they had to say about their submissions.

Entry 1
Entry 1: Alex Graber, Senior Digital Arts major - "I wanted to design a desktop background that was clean, sleek and subtly stunning. I wanted to incorporate a "shoot for the stars" mindset that students knowingly need in order to succeed. "
Entry 2
Entry 2: Ambar Arries, Post-Bac in Digital Arts
Entry 3
Entry 3: Brandon Rains - " I wanted to create a simple and clean design that expressed University of Oregon Libraries' mission. Each student at the University has a goal to reach and is going through his or her own journey, and all the resources provided to the students help in their success."
Entry 4
Entry 4: Russell St. John, Digital Arts major - "Official School Colors! Simple, clean design keeps this work station feeling fresh and ready to go while the geometric shapes inspire our creativity."
Entry 5
Entry 5: Russell St. John, Digital Arts major - "To the point and clean, just what UOregon is known for. I went with an all text design using an iconic typeface to further emphasize the clean and to the point aesthetic. After all Obama didn't get elected twice using Comic Sans!"
Entry 6
Entry 6: (Winning entry) Sarah Yablok, CIS major - "I tried to keep my wallpaper simple and clean, while still having an abstract and striking design. I kept to the main yellow and green color scheme for the U of O, and drew a collection of branching lines for an organic feeling, then adding light textures and glow. I tried to provide enough space for desktop icons, menus, etc. while still having a large design element."


We hope to continue our competition in years to come; look for our announcement of next year's contest in the spring of 2014!

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