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Library Stages Poster Graphics Competition during Student Research Events

During the recent UO Graduate Research Forum and the Undergraduate Symposium held in the EMU, the UO Libraries organized a research poster competition in which students’ posters were judged on the quality of graphics used and the aesthetic and visual impact they had in supporting the overall research presentation. The use of graphics to convey central research themes, the use of color and fonts to communicate research ideas, and originality were considered in the judging.

The competition was organized by Science Librarian Dean Walton. Other judges included Humanities/Literature Librarian Elizabeth Peterson; Elly Vandegrift, associate director of the Science Literacy Program; Robert Voelker-Morris, of the Teaching Effectiveness Program; and Arts and Administration Instructor Julie Voelker-Morris.

In the Graduate Forum, Meaghan Emery, a doctoral student in geological sciences, took home first prize for graphics used in her poster, “What Makes a Species a Species.” The runner-up was Christina Bollo, a doctoral student in architecture, for her poster graphics evaluating higher-density housing. Third prize went to Benjamin Mood, a doctoral student in computer and information science.

In the Undergraduate Symposium competition, Sebastian Oviedo and M. Lorena Burbano were awarded first place for their research graphics on recycled cork insulation. Second place was awarded to Amy Jones for graphics on tracing endocardial cell lineages, and third place went to Ryan Boileau for his research graphics on SH3 binding motifs and neuroblast cell division.

The competition emphasizing poster graphics was developed in an effort to inspire students to create graphics that effectively communicate research concepts, maintain best-practices for legibility and information handling, and offer visual appeal.

meaghan emery poster winner

Meaghan Emery won the graduate student poster competition for use of graphics.

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