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Exhibit on History of Film at the UO Opens in Knight Library

An exhibit highlighting the history of film culture at the University of Oregon is on display in the cases located in the east and west entryway corridors of Knight Library. The exhibit, which will run through August 2013, is entitled Kin-O: A History of Movie Culture on Campus.

The exhibit gives information about films that are about the University of Oregon and historic alumni. Ed's Coed is a 1929 romantic-comedy made by UO students about various campus traditions at the time, and the 1998 film Without Limits tells the life story of Steve Prefontaine. The exhibit also includes information about films that were shot on the UO campus, such as Animal House and Drive, He Said.

Another section of the exhibit shows the history of film studies at the UO, and the creation of the Cinema Studies program. There is also information about the various materials available to people in these courses, such as films, home videos, and more.

The exhibit was curated by Lesli Larson, Images Services coordinator; Elizabeth Peterson, literature/humanities librarian and subject specialist in cinema studies; and David Baker, classroom technology specialist.

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