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Library’s Streaming Media Service Facilitates Remote Viewing of UO’s TEDx Conference

If you missed out on getting your live-audience tickets for the UO’s TEDx conference this Saturday, February 9, you can still see live streamed sessions for free at four locations on the UO campus and one in Portland, thanks to the streaming-media service provided by the UO Libraries’ Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET).

The TEDx conference is sponsored by the UO’s Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC) and will feature several presentations covering the theme of “Curiosity & Resistance: Diversity Is Critical to Thinking.”

Although tickets for the live venue are no longer available, CMET’s streaming-media service has made it possible for you to watch the sessions live at the other screening locations. Tickets are required for viewing at the remote locations, but they are free of charge and can be printed out by visiting and clicking the Live-Stream Viewing Locations tab.

Complete information on the scheduled speakers and performers is also available at the site.

CMET’s media streaming service allows members of the campus community to deliver live webcasts of courses and events for viewing on computers and display screens anywhere in the world. The live digital stream can subsequently be converted to traditional video-delivery formats, including CD-ROM and DVD, or posted to the UO Channel for on-demand viewing.

Contact Mike Majdic, CMET’s senior producer and director (541-346-1945,, for more information on the video and broadcast services CMET provides. Visit CMET’s Streaming Media web page here to learn more about the suite of streaming media services available. Click here to learn about CMET's other Broadcasting and Video Production services.

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