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Community Conversations Events Set for This Winter

Community Conversations ImageCommunity Conversations, produced by UO Housing and cosponsored by the UO Libraries, is the flagship living-learning series within the residential curriculum of University Housing. The series offers a unique forum for exploring a diversity of academic, political, and popular culture topics. All Community Conversation events are free and open to the public.

The UO Libraries plays an important collaborative role in Community Conversations, with several library staff members contributing to the programs. The library also provides suggested readings and multimedia presentations to enhance the sessions. 

Special thanks to UO librarians and subject specialists for their contributions to the 2012-13 Community Conversations program. 

Other Opportunities for Community Conversations

If you are unable to attend any of the Community Conversations sessions, they air on Channel 23 on the Wednesday following the event, from 8:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. A selection of previous Community Conversations is streamed and can be viewed on demand on the UO Channel

For more information about the Community Conversations program, contact Heather Kropf (, Residence Life Coordinator of Leadership and Academic Integration.


Winter 2013

Community Conversations Already Held This Term:

Oceans: The Final Frontier
January 17 at 7pm in Global Scholars Hall 117
Abstract: What lies in the dark depths of the ocean? How deep can scientists go into the ocean? How much of the oceans have humans explored? If any of these questions have interested you, or if just the ocean in general interests you, then you are in luck! Oceans: The Final Frontier is a Community Conversation looking to answer these very questions and MORE! Come to a night full of excitement, wonder, and the crazy cool deep dark secrets of our big blue oceans, and learn about the parts of the ocean you never knew about!

Food and Politics
January 24 at 7pm in Global Scholars Hall 117
Abstract: Despite being one of the wealthiest countries on earth, millions are struggling with hunger in the US.  The obesity epidemic, genetically modified food, school lunches and organic food are increasingly addressed in the media as Americans question where their food is coming from. Whether or not individuals are trying to make an intentional political statement with their meals, the personal is political, and everyone eats!  Come learn more about the relationship between food production and distribution, the government, and you.
Everyday Life of a (Not So) Average Student
January 31 at 7pm in Learning-Living Center Performance Hall
Abstract: Every student faces their own struggles trying to keep up with school, family, friends and sleep. What happens when you throw sports, student government, and extracurricular activities into the mix? Come join our panel of students who juggle countless responsibilities, and find out how they keep their schedules under control. We’ll also provide a workshop from the Teaching and Learning Center about smart scheduling.

Professionalism 101
February 21 at 7pm in Learning-Living Center Performance Hall
Abstract: Looking for a job or internship? Join us for all you need to know to stand out and be a prime candidate.

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