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Lockers in the Knight Library

The Knight Library provides free lockers for temporary storage of items by  UO students, faculty, and staff.  They're located  in the north stairwells of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  The lockers are available on a  first come first served basis. Items left in lockers for more than 24 hours may be removed and placed in the Library's Lost and Found. 




The Library is not responsible for materials kept in lockers.

  • It's your responsibility to remember the combination and locker number.
  • If you wish to store library materials in a locker, you need to check out those materials first.
  • Don't store food or drinks in the lockers.
  • Lockers will be cleared at 1am.
  • Lockers are subject to inspection at any time.
  • Staff will inspect when the following is present: odors or moisture, physical damage or defacement to the locker, and suspected contents that may be illegal or deemed to be harmful

Details about locker operations are posted on the lockers.

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