University of Oregon


70 NW Couch St., Portland, OR 92709
T: 503-412-3671 ; F: 503-412-3670.

Ed Teague
Head, Design Library, and Portland Library and Learning Commons
T: (541)346-1954

Michael Brown
Technology and Access Services Manager
T: (503) 412-3673

Chris Cosler
Digital Media Production Specialist
T: (503) 412-3675

Sean Curtin
Education Video Specialist
T: (503) 412-3750

Subject Specialists & Liaisons

College of Design

Ed Teague
Subject librarian for Architecture, Historic Preservation.
T: (541) 346-1954

Sara DeWaay
Subject librarian for Product Design, Sports Product Design.
T: (541) 346-8785.

Jonathan Cain
Subject librarian for Planning, Public Policy, and Management
T: (541) 346-1860

Lunquist College of Business

Genifer Snipes
Subject librarian for Social Sciences, Business, Economics
T: (541) 346-4139.

School of Journalism and Communications

Carolina Hernandez
Subject librarian for Journalism, Media Studies, Advertising
T: (541) 346-3078.

School of Law

Angus Nesbit, Law Reference Librarian
T: (541) 346-1673.

University of Oregon Libraries
1501 Kincaid Street Eugene, OR
T: (541) 346-3053
F: (541) 346-3485
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